On his farm La Collina delle Oche, Lorenzo Olmetti does an extraordinary job: he breeds geese and ducks as it was done in the past, in the open air, on his beautiful hill. For those like us who are always in search of perfect food, it has been a sensational discovery. His geese are delicious. Their taste and flavour is unique, their consistency silky and tough at the same time. The goose is a wonderful animal and its meat is highly versatile. It is cooked in both traditional and creative styles, and reaches both rural and refined tables. These considerations and the collaboration with Lorenzo brought about the idea of organizing a big dinner to launch a project aimed at valuing Filottrano goose, wherefore we have put together a superb team as usual. One of the chefs that we esteem most is Errico Recanati. Just a few chefs are able to enhance the territory as he does. We really like his cooking because it starts from the knowledge of that tradition without which we would make no step forward. Together with Errico we will cook a menu with Lorenzo’s geese and ducks: modern and funny dishes to prove the great potential of the courtyard. The evening will be rounded off with a dessert prepared by one of the best pastry chefs in the Marche. Roberto Cantolacqua is a member of the Academy of Italian Master Pastry Chefs and owner of the Tolentino pastry shop Mimosa. Blessed with great technique and always searching for refined-quality materials, Roberto is the creator of modern pastry-making based on solid foundations and years of study with the greatest pastry chefs in the world. For the occasion, he has conceived a dessert rich in taste and contrasts, a great many textures in one cake. The last goose dish and the dessert will be bound by a chocolate stuffed with foie gras: an explosion of taste in one bite. The evening will be graced by the experience and expertise of Federico, who will ensure together with Biagioli Vini that the dinner is made even more pleasant by appropriate bottles of wine. This show within the show will take place in the marvellous scenery of the stately, early seventeenth century Villa Centofinestre in Filottrano.


Appetizer: let’s have fun with the goose
Grass pea cracker, chopped goose meat, robiola cheese and black olive powder
The goose got lost in the woods
Buckwheat ravioli stuffed with duck meat, foie gras and green apple
Passion fruit goose
Chocolate stuffed with foie gras
Sensations: milk chocolate cream, Cantiano’s black cherry jelly, pistachio bavarois, Quarantino corn streusel with zabaglione sauce


Selected wines from Biagioli Vini

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